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STOP HS2 – KIllamarsh and Renishaw Action Group

Read the latest from the HS2 Action Group here:

Who We Are
We are a committee of residents local to the Killamarsh and Renishaw area and have a vested interest in seeing this project ‘stopped in it’s tracks’.

The Committee:
Chairman- Peter Howarth
Vice-Chair- Russell Beal
Secretary- Jodie Howarth-Beal
Treasurer- Lynne Johnson
Officer- David King
Officer- Paul Philipson

At our monthly meetings the floor is always open to questions and suggestions so that you can have your say. We can contact HS2 on your behalf and we take any questions seriously.

How To Tackle HS2
If you need any information about HS2 the easiest way is to go online at or write to them at:

HS2 Limited
2nd Floor
Eland House
Bressenden Place

Your local MP is your voice in Parliament, whichever party they belong to. Please get in touch with them.

How Your Money Is Being Spent
The whole project is estimated to cost £33billion £43billion £50billion+ of taxpayers’ money.
Historically, every major infrastructure project has been grossly underestimated, so it is possible the figure could reach upwards of £80-100billion.

HS2 Chairman Sir David Higgins is pocketing a pay check of £591,000 a year, with the Chief Executive Simon Kirby on £750,000. This is compared to our own Prime Minister’s salary of £142,000.

Added to this are consultancy fees of £25million already, and this is before the start of any construction.

How Will This Effect Your Area
1- Your home is alrwady blighted as a result of the plans and you may be unable to sell your house
2- The Trans-Penine Trail (TPT) will be unusable between Renishaw and Sheffield Road in Killamarsh
3- Ross and Catherall will be cut in half
4- The Sitwell Arms, Old Court & Police Station and Garage at Renishaw will be buried under an embankment.
5- Half of Station Road and its cul-de-sacs in Killamarsh will be destroyed along with the small businesses/amenities that operate there
6- Funding for the Chesterfield Canal re-generation has already stopped as a result of the plans
7- Foot traffic from the TPT into Rother Valley Country Park will fall, reducing visitor numbers through our villages
8- Noise from the 18 trains per hour will penetrate into the heart of Killamasrh, Renishaw and Beighton.
9- Migratory birds and other wildlife may be made homeless due to the construction and operation of HS2.

Upcoming Meetings
Meetings are held at the Killamarsh Leisure Centre, Stanley Street, S21 1DY on the following Thursdays from 7pm:
29 January
26 February
26 March
30 April
28 May
25 June
30 July
27 August
24 September
29 October
26 November
17 December

Continuing The Fight
We hold or attend various events throughout the year in order to fact-find or raise funds for paper, ink, newspaper ads etc which we need to continue the fight against HS2.

If you would like information on how to donate please come to a meeting or contact the team here:


or visit

HS2 Letter to David Higgins

Read below my letter to Sir David Higgins, head of HS2 Ltd, and his response back to me.

Reply from Sir David Higgins


Letter to Sir David Higgins


HS2 Action Alliance

546247_379552958754751_830719736_nToday I wrote a letter to the High Speed Rail Select Committee in support of the HS2 Action Alliance’s (HS2AA) right to petition them next week.

The HS2AA have gathered a petition from thousands of people directly affected by the proposed rail line, and have worked with numerous independent experts to gather data and analysis on issues like noise, carbon emissions, biodiversity, as well as the personal costs to communities and people’s lives.

However, HS2 Ltd, the company responsible for developing and promoting the rail line, have challenged the right of the HS2AA to appear before the Select Committee and present it’s evidence.

This would leave the Select Committee without valuable information, as well as depriving all those who have worked with the HS2AA from having a voice, which includes many in our area.

I believe this would be wrong, and I have urged the Committee not to uphold this challenge. This would allow all sides of the debate to be heard, so that the views of those directly affected can be better understood, and hopefully the Government can start to re-think it’s plans.

A decision is expected early next week, and I will be closely monitoring this issue in Parliament.

Read more about the work of the HS2AA here

MP continues to lead the fight against HS2

The Member of Parliament for North East Derbyshire, Natascha Engel, continues to campaign against the case for HS2 and demand that the Government gives more say to the people who will be directly affected by the project.

As well as presenting a No to HS2 petition, signed by hundreds of angry residents, to Parliament, Ms Engel also spoke in a recent debate on the HS2 Hybrid Bill.

Arguing that the business case for HS2 is flawed, Ms Engel said: “I am for improving the rail network, for better connections between cities, especially in the north, and for greater capacity where it is needed.

“However, this is not the right project. A report by the Institute of Economic Affairs undermines the economic argument will HS2 will regenerate the north and close the north-south divide. It will not.”

Ms Engel went on to criticise the lack of consultation that has taken place with the people whose homes and businesses will be severely affected by HS2.

With the proposed route for the high speed train set to cut straight through many areas of Derbyshire, including Killamarsh, Renishaw and Staveley, hundreds of angry residents put their names down to protest against the plans.

The Killamarsh & Renishaw HS2 Action Group, who hold monthly meetings have also been campaigining against the project and raising local awareness.

Group Chairman, Peter Howarth added: “We’re annoyed at the total disregard that has been given to our villages when the planning for HS2 went ahead.

“The blight caused now and for the future throws a massive dark cloud over all of us and, at present, we do not see a way out.

“We oppose this development at every level and will continue our fight to protect our village.”

Follow the link here for the full transcription of Ms Engel’s speech.


For further information contact:
Natascha Engel MP
Member of Parliament for North East Derbyshire
Tel: 0207 219 4709 (Westminster office)
Tel: 01246 439 018 (Constituency office)

HS2 Votes and Petition

petitionThis week I spoke out against the HS2 rail project in the House of Commons.

I have always been a huge supporter of rail investment and I believe we need much greater connectivity between the cities in the North, Midlands and the South, however the current HS2 plans do nothing to address the transport problems our country faces, and they are set to waste tens of billions of pounds of tax-payers’ money.

On Monday I voted against the HS2 Bill, and today I put forward a petition from our local area into Parliament to declare our opposition to it.

Hundreds of people from North East Derbyshire have written to me about HS2 and hundreds more have added their support to this petition, and I hope the Government will listen to our voices as we urge them once again to think again and abandon this deeply flawed and unpopular policy.

I will continue to campaign against HS2, and I have consistently voted against it in Parliament.

Watch me present the petition in Parliament here

Watch the HS2 debate in full here

Read the transcript here

Read my Press Release on this here

Natascha Engel MP comments on HS2 at Tapton Lock’s launch of Santa Cruises

North East Derbyshire MP, Natascha Engel, attended the launch of the Santa Special Cruise at Tapton Lock on 2 November 2013.

Speaking to Eckington Parish TV, Natascha talks about her personal memories of Tapton Lock and comments on the impact HS2 could have on the future of the canal.

Natascha Engel Speaks out against HS2 on Daily Politics Show

High Speed Rail gathered more momentum on Thursday 31 October 2013 when the Preparation Bill returned to the House of Commons for its Third Reading.

Natascha Engel, Member of Parliament for North East Derbyshire has consistently spoken out against HS2.

In 2008 costings for the the project stood at £17bn. Today it stands at £50bn with many respected organisations and businesses questioning the viability of the whole project.

Commenting after the debate in which only 36 Members of Parliament voted against the Third reading Natascha Engel said,

“There is no doubt that we do need to improve our railways and transport infrastructure but with such an important project costing billions of pounds this needs to be done with more care.  We should be looking at any other options for improving our railways, but where are they? How did the Department for Transport identify where the problems were on our railways and what other options were looked at?  I have not seen anything.  The people in my constituency of North East Derbyshire who are affected by this project are not only paying for this through their taxes but they are paying for it with their homes and communities.  I voted against the Third reading and will keep opposing it.”





To watch Natascha’s interview visit